Royal Enfield over the years!

Lovers of the Royal Enfield brand…

The oldest motorcycle brand in the world, without any production stop and still in activity…
Celebrates this year its 130 years!

A short history of the Royal Enfield company…

The adventure of Royal Enfield begins in 1891, when R.W. Smith and Albert Eadie buy Towsend Cycle Co. in Redditch, Great Britain.

After supplying the Royal Small Arms factory in Enfield, Middlesex with parts for handguns, the company became the Enfield Manufacturing Company Limited. The name was completed in 1893 with the word “Royal”, borrowed from Royal Small Arms Co and it was in 1901, that the first motorized bicycle was manufactured under the name Royal Enfield.

In 1924, the company launched the first Royal Enfield single-cylinder 4-stroke 350cc and in 1932, a single-cylinder 4-valve engine appeared under the name “Bullet”.

During the 39 / 45 war the factory like many others, will manufacture armament… The Enfield rifles and guns have an excellent reputation of quality.

In 1949, under the direction of Major Frank Smith who took over the company after the death of the founder RW Smith in 1933, Royal Enfield gets via Madras Motors, an order from the Indian Army for the delivery of 350cc Bullet motorcycles. Little anecdote, the Indian Army still sells its Royal Enfield motorcycles at public auction, only after 1’000’000 km on the odometer !!!

It’s only in 1955 that Enfield India Limited is born, thanks to the signature of a partnership between Redditch and Madras Motors in India to assemble the Bullet 350cc.

In 1958, Royal Enfield decided to manufacture the first 250cc engine blocks for the “Crusader” and “Clipper” models.

In 1967, the Redditch factory, which manufactured the Bullet, closes its doors and it is only in 1984, that the first Indian exports to Great Britain and Europe begin after the closure of the English factory.

In 1994, the Eicher Group took over Enfield India Limited, which became Royal Enfield Motors Limited.

The company celebrates its 50 years of glory in motorcycling in 2005. This is also the year when Royal Enfield releases its first Bullet Electra with a 5-speed gearbox, a left side gear shift that makes the brand more accessible to motorcyclists and an electric starter. Truly revolutionary and Royal Enfield did not stop there this year, as it resurrected the Himalayan Odyssey to make it the star of the year.

In 2008, the first Royal Enfield “Classic” 500cc EFI produced in India is exported to the European market and in 2010, Royal Enfield enters the California market.

In 2011, as part of its expansion plan, the company sets up its new factory in Orragadam near Chennai (Madras) where it continues to produce the machines that make us dream.

With the release of the new 2013 models, including the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Classic Desert Storm, equipped with the new EFI engine to Euro 3 standards, the Royal Enfield company had not designed a new engine for over 50 years.
Also in 2013 comes the Continental GT 535cc Model. Taken from the 250 GT continental Café Racer, customer competition of the 60s!

In 2018 Royal Enfield, in association with are English design office, we develop a twin cylinder of 650cc. named “Interceptor” also from the 750cc Interceptor of the 60s! And still a 650 GT, the Café-racer!

Think that when you buy a Royal Enfield, you contribute to the development of
the technological development of the humanitarian heritage!

A word about the new EFI engine. Compliant with Euro 4 standards, it has all the characteristics of modern engines with its electronic injection, its Lambda sensor, its catalytic converter, its integrated engine / gearbox, its hydraulic pushers, the cycle part is not left out, with disc brakes equipped with ABS, front and rear.
The look remains authentic! But unfortunately will not pass the Euro 5 standards!

Good news is that the prices should not increase in 2021!
Interceptor 650cc twin (Orange) FRS. 8’690.-
Interceptor (Red-Black) FRS. 8’990.-
Interceptor (Chrome) FRS. 9’290.-
Continental 650cc GT, FRS. 8’890.-

No need to be deprived, from now on live the unique experience of being at the handlebar of an exceptional motorcycle!


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Royal Enfield over the years!