Café Racer

Make yourself happy with a Cafe Racer!

Offer you a beautiful Café Racer, the true pure British blood!!
Not a Japanese Vacuum!!
Not a Teutonic Flat Twin!!
Not a Bitza with the Arabiata!!
But an English one which will make you sweat to start it with the kick starter!
You will hate it, it has temperament, the technique of starting is a whole protocol.
No button press on this one!
Rustic and purified, no plastic to the Manga, nothing but the essential!
Good of the noble; Copper-Nickel-Chromium and Aluminum polished mirror! It turns exactly where you place it and recovers with a disconcerting ease in the pifs pafs.
Like any self-respecting Englishwoman, she marks her territory with little oil puddles, blues her exhaust pipes, vibrates and loses her bolts!
She’s authentic just like you, you’ve tamed her, you’ve earned her!
Some examples of Cafe Racer assemblies, based on the legendary Norton featherbed frame:
Triton, Norfield, Norley, Norvin. or a Tribsa!