Vintage Motorcycles

For the biker, riding a motorcycle is first and foremost a matter of pleasure, freedom, and escape.

The motorcycles of the sixties and seventies, they allowed the rider to indulge in mechanics by himself with the aim of repairing and maintaining his own vehicle.
Most owners of a motorcycle at that time, learned a lot about its mechanical elements.

Nowadays motorcycles are from high technology, which becomes frustrating for the faithful bikers of that time, who gradually cultivated their technical knowledge of mechanics, giving them great satisfaction and a sense of independence.

Today, many of the sport bikes can outlaw you already in first gear! Keeping your driving license with these motorcycles becomes an uncertainty, they push you to the infringement.
In addition they devalue at high speed!

Investing in a motorcycle of collection, veteran of more than 30 years, allows you to space your mandatory technical visits that every 6 years.

And if you take good care of it, it will even increase in value over the years!

Start with a prestigious vehicle, a period masterpiece, authentically restored or in its original condition, with of course always the possibility of being able to add modern equipment, such as an electric choke to improve starts, or to equip it with reliable brakes, meeting current standards for better safety!

A special and exclusive motorcycle like you, a great lover of what is out of the ordinary, will make you appreciate its pure and classic technique.

We certainly have what you need in our selection range, if not place your order and we will be very happy to prepare the bike of your dreams for you!

The Triumph T 120 SR 650cc Sport-Race from the U.S.A. Here is a very rare model! It found a savvy taker quickly!

It’s willing engine is fun in any situation, its handling has been largely proven, and what’s more, it looks great!

The renowned Triumph Bonneville and the legendary Norton Commando, have become sought after motorcycles by collectors. Very popular at the time, spare parts are not scarce and so it is not difficult to maintain the beautiful English bikes in excellent condition!